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Terms, Conditions and Specification of Flower Delivery to Riga and Latvia

ZIEDU VEIKALS (Flower Shop) is always ready to take care of you, so that your relatives, friends, beloved ones and business partners will be pleasantly surprised by a bouquet of flowers and a gift in Riga any place in Latvia. ZIEDU VEIKALS (Flower Shop) is one of the most popular on-line Flower companies in Latvia with the largest and most elaborated product offer of elegant flowers and gifts.

We use all possible means for delivery of flowers and gifts – it is most important to us that your flowers reach the addressee in the fastest possible time and perfect condition!

Flower Delivery Time and Date During Workdays and Saturdays

Flowers reach recipients on the date that is indicated in your order form and after we have received payment.

Flower delivery is made on the same day if order is made and payment is received by 14.00.

In case, it has happened that you missed the time and need to have delivery the same day, call us or write to us (till 18.00 on workdays and till 16.00 on Saturdays) - usually we can make delivery after making sure that your wishes are possible to fulfill at that moment.

In case of delivery being not possible due to independent reasons – e.g. recipient is not present at place, if the address is not correct, it is day-off at the work place, addressee has asked to deliver to another more convenient time and place etc. – delivery is made within closest possible time frame. We might contact both our customer and the addressee to get more information or agree to some other delivery time and place.

Flower Delivery on Sundays and Holidays

Sundays are days-off. In case, you wish delivery to be made on Sunday - we will gladly do it - please, call us or write us before making order till 15.00 on Saturday - let`s first make sure that your wishes are possible to fulfill. It might happen that it is not possible to make delivery to some place on Sunday. We suggest you to inform us timely, not leaving ordering to the last minute.

About our working time during state holidays, please, follow information in our website.

On special days – (The Big Days, as we call them) Including: St. Valentine’s Day, 8th of March (International Women’s  Day), Mother’s Day, Advent - we receive by far more orders this day versus an ordinatry day, therefore we urge you to make orders timely, a few days in advance is best. In that case orders will have priority and will reach the addressee in first place.

Delivery Timing

We deliver flowers and gifts during working hours between 10.00 -18.00. We try our best to adjust to our customers` wishes although it is not possible to guarantee delivery at specific time of the day. Please, use our VIP line (time periods set in order form). In special cases please call, write an e-mail or make a note in the order form about your special requests regarding timing. We will be glad to make your wish come true.

Address of Delivery of Flowers

Please make sure you input the correct/complete address and telephone number in the order form. In the case that an address is incorrect or incomplete it may cause delay in order fulfilment until it is fixed.

We also deliver by having only a telephone number at our disposal; In that case we will contact the recipient and agree upon a place of delivery for the flowers ourselves. We will keep communication as short as possible not disclosing exactly what it is and from whom to spare the nice surprise at the moment of delivery.

In the situation that the recipient is not at place of delivery, then our courier will evaluate the situation and if possible will leave the flowers at the door of the recipient or leave it at neighbours, will try to contact the addressee and/or leave message about the delivery or try again some time later. If, none of this works and delivery still cannot be done we will contact our customer to agree on further action.

We will do our best to deliver the flowers to the addressees in the shortest possible time and directly in their hands.

We cannot guarantee delivery to very specific places, such as army bases, ships, airplanes, ports, camp sides and other similar places, as well as well as places with specific restrictions and limitations for entry, including locations that are too far from residential areas and the locations that are difficult to define or understand.

In the situation of you wishing to send flowers to a hospital – please make sure that the addressee is actually there, sometimes it takes longer than usual to make delivery there. Please do not forget to indicate the number of the unit of the hospital and the room number. If we are not allowed to deliver ourselves, we will pass it to the hospital staff for further delivery.

Flowers to funerals require special attention and delivery must be at the location at a specific time, therefore again it is important for you to make the order timely.  If you have missed the ceremony, it is OK to send flowers to relatives of the deceased at a later date presenting your condolences.

Please indicate full name and exact room number if you send flowers to a hotel. We guarantee delivery only to reception, If not possible to make delivery ourselves directly we will leave the flowers to hotel staff for further delivery.

Has My Order of Flowers Been Delivered?

You can get to know about that easily! Just visit the page “My account”, and register with the same e-mail of your last purchase. You will see the history of your purchases, as well as the status of your current order, e.g. if it is accepted or delivered. You will also be notified by e-mail as to when the order will be delivered.

Personal data

In order to be able to fulfill your orders, provide you with high level of customer service and communicate with you, we ask you to provide the minimum necessary data. For example, with no delivery address and recipient`s name delivery is not possible at all. On the other hand, without your email address it is not possible to inform you about the status of the order and to contact you if it becomes needed, for example, specifying shipping address, telephone number or other information. Your data is safe with us and it is not transferred to third parties that are not directly involved in the execution of the order. Personal data can be transferred to our own couriers and courier companies executing delivery and to the persons in charge of the partner flower shops who fulfill the orders and deliver the flowers.  

Personal data may also be transferred to the payment card operator, bank, lawyer, website system and data storage technical providers, for accounting, realization of the company`s legitimate interests, respecting the fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subject, debt collection, sending informative materials to e-mail address, if the client has agreed to receive them and all it in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Latvia and other regulatory enactments.

We trust that due to the specifics of our flower delivery service, you are motivated to provide us with the information you need to complete the order so that flowers and gifts reach addressee and you get to know about it. 

You can access and manage your data under "Sign in" - "My Account”.

If you agree that we can use the data you provided for order fulfillment of your orders and communication with you, click on the "Order Flowers" button in the Order page.

BLOOM zieduveikals.lv respects your privacy and that you have entrusted personal information.

Communication also means that now and then we send out special emails to our customers that contain news and special offers that we consider would be benefitial or useful, such as a special discount for a purchase, or a reminder of an important day when people traditionally give each other flowers.

If you do not want to receive such emails from us in the future, you can easily unsubscribe by clicking on the link provided at the end of each of our emails. Such emails will no longer be sent to you. Whereas unsubscribing from receiving these emails will in no way affect your account and fulfillment of your next orders.

If you need more information, please contact us. Contacts.

Refusal policy and the right to change and cancel the order  

The buyer has the right to return the product to SIA RELAND within 14 days from the date of receipt of the product without providing explanations on the reason for refusal. The returned product must not be used or damaged. The exercise of the right of withdrawal and the return of goods takes place in accordance with the Consumer Rights Protection Law and the Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 255 “Regulations on Distance Contracts.” The right to return goods does not apply to cut flowers, flower bouquets, flower compositions and houseplants (Cabinet Regulation No. 255, Article 22.4).

You can change the date of your order or other information or cancel the order no later than 48 hours before the delivery date. It will be executed later and it will no longer be possible to change or cancel it. During holidays such as Christmas, Valentine`s Day, 8th of March, Mother`s Day we receive a lot of orders, therefore, the order can be changed or canceled no later than 5 working days before the delivery date.

In exceptional cases, outside the above mentioned conditions, the order can be changed or canceled only by mutual agreement, if the execution of the order has not yet begun. For example, the flowers required for your order have not yet been procured or have not been processed in accordance with your order specification. Please, call or send email. The operator will check the order fulfillment status and, if possible, change or cancel it. In case of cancellation, the money will be returned to the same card, bank or PayPal account from which the payment was made. In this exceptional case SIA RELAND is not obliged to change or cancel the order outside the above-mentioned terms. Whereas, we work to make customers satisfied with our service and in any case the best way is to communicate with us as soon as possible. We will do our best in our control to find the best mutually beneficial solution.

Complaints and Resolutions

We do our best to provide excellent service and would like to avoid any misunderstandings, please read fully these Terms, Conditions and Practicalities of Flower and Gift Delivery.  By Accepting the Order you agree to all the terms and conditions written in the home page of the zieduveikals.lv. In case you are not satisfied with our service, please contact us immediately and we will review your complaint as soon as possible, no later than 10 days. If your complaint proves to be accurate, we will compensate it accordingly or you will get 100% refunded! Money will be returned to the same card, bank or PayPal account from which the payment was made.

Prices and Currency

All prices are indicated in EUR and including VAT.

Some products have options from smaller and bigger sizes. Based on your choice, the price of item will change.

Delivery Fees

All deliveries will have a delivery fee added. Fee ranges from 4.00 to 25.00 EUR for each address. This fee includes all the additional expenses, including order administration, transportation and other in order to make the delivery in best possible way to the addressees. Specific delivery charges are shown in locations list in the cities. Delivery price for each order is specified in the order form. Additional services e.g. VIP line, wrap as gift and specifying address is not included in calculation for free-of-charge delivery.

Standard delivery fee includes delivery to the location included in the order form! For deliveries outside and to remote places please write us an e-mail to: info@zieduveikals.lv and we will calculate individually, the delivery fee and let you know.

In the case that the recipient rejects to accept delivery and our courier cannot persuade them to take it, the courier will leave the flowers at the closest possible place. We will keep full payment for order, since delivery request is fulfilled. 


Order is accepted for execution only after receiving payment for it.

You can pay by

  • Card: EC/MC, VISA, VISA Electron, Maestro,
  • PayPal
  • Bank transfer
  • Cash

Paying by card: After you have accepted the order you will be transferred to the page of card operator, you will be asked to fill in your credit card information,  security of this page is controlled and guaranteed by our bank and card operator. Your transaction and information will be safe and we will get immediate notification about payment.

PayPal: works similar to payment by card; instead you will be transferred to PayPal and after logging in you will follow its instructions.

In the case of bank transfer please provide us with proof of payment by e-mail immediately after it is done. We will satisfy the order only after we receive money in our bank account. In special cases we might accept a payment order form that is approved by the bank with stamp and signature.

Cash payment can be done only at Flower Shop at Dzirnavu 84, (Berga Bazars).


Our supplied flower arrangements are only part of the wide variety of flower assortments that is presented to us by nature; we do our best to make arrangements look gorgeous and impressive. We do every arrangement like it is a unique work of art and it will look as close as possible to the one in picture, please allow it to have some small deviations since flowers are a product of nature and it is just natural that some differences can appear, so it is as with any artwork created by hand.

Sometimes we can have a situation in distant Latvian towns when a specific flower might not be available at the date of delivery. Our staff will do their best to make a wonderful bouquet that will match the amount of money paid and that will look as close as possible to the picture in catalogue and convey the look and feel of it.

We always deliver the freshest flowers to recipients, but further care depends on the recipient him/her self.

Disputes and Resolution

All the disputes and misunderstandings of this Agreement that cannot be resolved between parties by negotiation will be taken to Court institutions with The Republic of Latvia and in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia.

Electronic exchange of information will have the same power as written on paper.

The sides are not to be held responsible for any uncompleted liabilities as a result of insuperable force (force-majeure) which could affect the delivery conditions which both sides are unable to foresee unable to prevent & unable to affect, and for which the sides are not responsible, be it natural disasters, war, civil unrest, blockade or strike.

Customer Reviews
Thank you
Thank you very much for your very professional service. Very good quality for good price. Well done.
Thank you for a great work!
Ordered a birthday cake. Delivery made in time, quick feedback and a great service! Thank you very much!
Brilliant sevice
I ordered flowers for my wife from the UK and 3 hours later they were at her office in Riga. Very slick especially as Interflora said 2 days!! Harry, Kent, UK
Thank You So Much
Thank You very much for your excellent service.You were very nice on the phone and the flowers was like on the the picture,i will suggest your service and continue business with you!!!


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