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Funeral Flowers 

In Latvia, it is customary to accompany the deceased on their last journey with flowers. Beautiful flowers are the best way to express sympathy also to the loved ones of the departed. Traditionally, white flowers are brought to funerals, symbolizing the clarity of the soul. Closest relatives often choose red flowers to express their love. In fact, the symbolism of colors is conditional, because flowers of any color are beautiful. We recommend that you listen to your feelings and choose flowers to express sympathy accordingly. There is a tradition of bringing an even number of flowers to a funeral. However, if the Funeral bouquet or wreath made form many tiny flowers, when they merge into one group, the number does not matter. If for some reason you cannot participate in the funeral ceremony, our courier will deliver the funeral flowers, wreath or arrangement to the funeral venue.

Customer Reviews
Thank you very much - i understand the flowers were beautiful and appreciated
Thank you for a great work!
Ordered a birthday cake. Delivery made in time, quick feedback and a great service! Thank you very much!
I ordered more than once flowers and other presents and everything is delivered in a perfect way, right on time! Great service and very affordable!
Thank you for such a wonderful service again:) Miss B. was very happy with flowers, which makes me very happy also.. Look forward to doing business with your company again.

Delivery of funeral flowers in Riga

Sending sympathy flowers is a genuine, heartfelt gesture, a beautiful sentiment, not a burden. It reminds the recipient of the flowers that you are there during the difficult time and provide emotional support. Zieduveikals.lv offers high-quality funeral flower arrangements, bouquets and funeral wreaths, sympathy flowers for delivery for any budget, and they can be easily ordered online.

The goal of Zieduveikals.lv is premium quality and excellent service. We offer elegant, beautifully arranged sympathy flowers for delivery. No matter which composition you choose, you can be sure that your sympathy will be appreciated.

The essence of the FLOWER SHOP is the delivery of flowers in Riga and Latvia. We make sure that your loved ones, friends or business partners receive elegant bouquets of sympathy flowers in sad moments of life. We deliver funeral wreaths and bouquets in Riga, the vicinity of Riga and any other city in Latvia. ZIEDU VEIKALS is one of the largest flower trading companies on the Internet. We use all possible methods of flower delivery, so that the flowers you send reach the addressee as quickly as possible and in a perfect appearance!

Flower delivery date in Riga

Flowers, funeral wreaths and funeral bouquets are delivered on the date specified in the order and after payment. We deliver flowers on the same day if the order is placed and paid for by 14.00. In the event that flower delivery is not possible on the specified date due to circumstances beyond our control - e.g. the recipient of the flowers is not at the specified address, if the specified delivery address is incorrect, there are no working hours at the specific address, it is a holiday, the recipient himself has determined another, more convenient delivery time, etc. - delivery is made at the next possible time and date.

In special cases, we contact the customer to receive additional information or coordinate the time and place of delivery.

Flower Delivery in Riga on holidays

If you have specified a Sunday or a holiday as the delivery date of the flowers, the shipment will most likely reach the addressee on the first working day after the holiday. It will not be possible everywhere to deliver flowers on Saturday - then the flower shipment will reach the addressee immediately on the first working day after the holiday. Delivery on Saturday is usually possible in major cities - we recommend ordering on time, preferably on Friday, without leaving the flower order to the last minute.

Flower Delivery Time

Most often, flowers are delivered during working hours from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., but it can also be different. We try very hard to adapt to the wishes of our customers, but we cannot guarantee a specific delivery time of the day chosen by you after a certain time on the clock. If you have special needs, feel free to call or write.Address of Flower Delivery in RigaYou must provide a completely accurate delivery address and telephone number, which is required when ordering. If the address is incomplete or incorrect, the delivery of the order may be delayed until the address is clarified.

Sending flowers to funeral places requires special precision, so order them in time. If you miss the specific date, order a matching bouquet of flowers for the loved ones of the deceased as a way of expressing your condolences.

In the event that no one is found at the given address, the flower supplier will probably leave the flowers at the door, at a neighbor`s or contact the recipient, or leave a message about the shipment.We will try our best to get the flowers to the right recipient as quickly as possible.

Fee for flower delivery in Riga

All flower shipments in Riga have a standard surcharge for each address, which includes all kinds of additional expenses, including transport, to ensure that your flower bouquet reaches its address on the chosen date.

Prices for flower delivery in Riga and the vicinity of Riga:

Flower delivery Riga-Center - 4.90 EUR

Flower delivery Riga-Bergi - 9.00 EUR

Flower delivery Riga - Bolderāja - 11.00 EUR

Flower delivery Riga - Daugavgriva - 10.00 EUR

Flower delivery Riga - Dārziņi - 8.00 EUR

Flower delivery Riga - Jaunciems - 10.00 EUR

Flower delivery Riga - Airport - 10.00 EUR

Flower delivery Riga - Vecāki - 11.00 EUR

Flower delivery Riga - Vecdaugava - 11.00 EUR

Flower delivery Riga district - Babīte district - 12.00 EUR

Flower delivery Riga district - Baloži - 10.00 EUR

Flower delivery Riga district - Baltezers - 14.00 EUR

Flower delivery Riga district - Bukulti - 10.00 EUR

Flower delivery Riga area - Jaunmārupe - 12.00 EUR

Flower delivery Riga district - Langstiņi - 10.00 EUR

Delivery of flowers Riga area - Līči - 10.00 EUR

Flower delivery Riga district - Mārupe - 5.00 EUR

Flower delivery Riga district - Mārupe district - 10.00 EUR

Flower delivery Riga district - Mucenieki - 10.00 EUR

Flower delivery Riga district - Pinki - 10.00 EUR

Flower delivery Riga district - Rāmava - 4.00 EUR

Flower delivery Riga district - Rumbula - 5,00 EUR

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